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Industrial Insulation

Industrial insulation is an important material that has to be applied to industrial buildings, in order to increase the efficiency and minimize the cost. Heat and frost can damage the pipelines in industrial buildings which in turn brings extra maintenance costs. Industrial insulation maintains the level of heat controlled, reduces the noise pollution and prevents frost damage. The design plays an important role in order to choose the right amount and type of insulation material. DCD Energy is able to offer the customer the best price/quality ratio according to the design.

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Marine Insulation

Whether for ships, vessels, offshore or onshore terminals, DCD can provide every phase of the project with tailor-made and all-round support according to the manufacturer’s requirements for the best performance and customer’s satisfaction. Insulation is important for both safety and comfort. Safety in the sense of fire prevention and comfort by applying thermal insulation for temperature regulation and reducing the noise. With professional knowledge and quality driven attitude, DCD has made excellent reputation in the marine industry.

Due to the harsh and changing sea climate, it is important to use insulation materials which are specially made for marine buildings and vessels.


THERMAL INSULATION is specially made for the reduction of heat transfer. The insulation for example is wrapped around the pipelines with a layer of metal around it preventing the temperature outside to rise at dangerous temperature level. 

CRYOGENIC INSULATION is used in below-ambient-temperature applications in industrial appliances and the oil and gas processing industry. 

ACOUSTIC INSULATION reduces the noise and is in light and mid-density to provide airborne sound absorption. The heavier structural products can act as a resilient layer in floating floor construction to absorb noise from footsteps and other impacts. The heaviest products can add mass to a building element and improve the sound insulation. 


GRP 1000 is a revolutionary insulation product made from fiberglass reinforced polyester mat positioned between two sheets of film. Unprocessed it is soft and malleable. It can be cut or trimmed into any shape which makes it easier to apply. The polyester subsequently cures under the influence of ultraviolet (UV) light. After curing, the GRP 1000 is absolutely watertight and is able to give optimal mechanical protection. 


ARMAFLEX INSULATION is used for professional and reliable continuous control. The unique microcell structure makes the installation process easy. The very low thermal conductivity and extremely high resistance to water vapor prevents long-term energy losses and reduces the risk of corrosion. 


ISOGENOPAK is a lightweight, self-extinguishing, unplasticised, calendered, rigid PVC film. It is designed to cover thermal and acoustic insulation fitted on internal pipes and ducts and provides an anti-static, easy to clean surface finish. 

INSULATION MATTRESSES are custom-made pads, manufactured of glass fabric, possibly in combination with synthetic fabric, filled with nsulation material and fitted with hooks or buckles. Resistant to temperatures ranging from 100° to over 1000° in neutral or corrosive atmospheres. Recommended when a maintenance, servicing or repair operation requires the removal of the insulation mattress.